Film and Television


Samuel Johnson,  Andrew Marr’s  Great Scots: The Writers Who Shaped A Nation, BBC Scotland, John Hodgson. Stallholder, Giff Gaff Undead Partizan, Matthias Hoene. Johann Fust , Mankind, Sky, Michael Waterhouse.  King Henry VIII, Sekai Fushigi Hakken, TV Man Union, Tokyo,  Ayuha Satoko.  Colin Cheetham, Crimewatch Special, BBC Television, Ben Crichton.  John Park, James, Big View Productions, Tom Large.  Husband, The Sell, Westwood, Toryn Westcott.  Holger, Natalja, Quizzical Films Ltd. Philip Ilic.  Doctor Calloway, Bonekickers, BBC Television, James Strong.  Nostrovite, Torchwood, BBC Television, Ashley Way.  Café Owner, Doctors, BBC Television, Nick Cohen.  Priest, My Favourite Time Of Day, Mica Films, Mike Hallett.   Victor, To Catch A Rat, Group 6 Productions, Adam Spring.  Bill, The Scarecrow, Bournemouth Film School, Toryn Westcott.  Minister, Always Crashing in the Same Car, Dog Day Films, Duncan Wellaway.  Trucker, Nighty Night, Baby Cow Productions, Dewi Humphreys. Customer, The West Tonight (Promo), ITV West, Clare Bowskill.




Engineering Manager Steve, Accountability, First Great Western/TVMI, Steve Edmonds.  Farmer, St Mungo’s Ginger Sheep,,  Michael Lebor.  Expert/De Clerk, Typologies Shorts, Lessons Learned, Neil Oseman.  Andrew, Building Problems, Illumina Ltd, Cathy Collis.




Match 3volution, Fetch, Lexi Kiddo.  Smoothie Blast, Fetch, Lexi Kiddo.  Slice of Cake, Fetch, Lexi Kiddo.  Bears Behiving  Badly, Fetch. Lexi Kiddo. The Mongol Rally, The Adventurists, Dan Wedgwood.  Devon Recyclng Interview, Pod Films Ltd, Lesley Gillilan.  Clearwater Vessel Tracking, Fiasco Design/Atlas Inc, Ben Steers.  Stateless Citizens, Six Oranges Ltd, Shafiur Rahman.  Ultimate Journeys, Ten Pin Alley Ltd, John Fox.  Ultimate Journeys, Ten Pin Alley Ltd, Michael Cross.  Fifth Dimension – Exorcism, Ten Pin Alley Ltd, Michael Cross.




Assistant Director and Farmer, Over & Out, Wildwood, Toryn Westcott.  Gramps, The Mudds (Pilot), Fresh Air Productions, Neil Cowling




Davis, The Dripping Man, Theatre West, Chris Loveless.  Sam, Promises, Promises, Theatre West, Chris Loveless.  Lord Caversham, An Ideal Husband, DEM Productions, Claudette Williamson.  Will Mompesson, Mompesson’s Well,  Kayelle Productions, Lynn Davies.